Welcome to, We have been making our own incense sticks and cones, hand dipped in only all natural or essential oils, for over 25 years. Intense Incense is the best oil based incense you can get. and are the only sites that allow customers to make their own Custom Blends of intense incense. Simply choose the Custom Blend item and use the text box to enter up to 3 fragrances to be blended together. We have over 400 fragrances not listed on so do not hesitate to ask us to make something you love that you don't see easily available.

Why Choose Us?

We have been making our own oil based incense products for over 25 years!   Using only all natural oils and essential ingredients, our wooden punk incense is considered by many the best around!

Absolute Perfection . If you have been looking for the best smelling , longest burning incense.... look no further! Not only am I a return customer but I highly recommend this shop. The 19” burn for over 2 hrs and the patchouli is My favorite.

etsy customer